Training Services

MTN View Kennels has multiple training programs tailored for the discerning dog owner’s individual needs. To support each dog owners need, we can provide coaching and training support related to aggression, behavioral issues, training needs to Diabetes Alert Dogs, and coaching for improving the companion of your hunting companion.

One on One Session
One on One Session provide individualized coaching to address issues and work with owners to successful address issues for long-term results. Please note that travel time will be charge after initial phone consultation.

Phone/Video Sessions
We are always here to help. These sessions can be a great way to develop an understanding and support corrective action immediately to improve your relationship with your dog. We work with aggression, behavioral, or other issues to develop strategies to improve the situation. Calling Session must be scheduled and purchased ahead of time and you must have access to the Internet, an Internet camera and Skype. These sessions usually last up to one hour.
Please note that sessions fill up quickly, but we will work to support your needs as quickly as possible. Video

Email and Phone Sessions
Email and Phone Sessions must be scheduled and purchased ahead of time. You will get a personal response or a conversation with David to address any dog related issues you may be experiencing.