Our broodstock are working gundogs assuring our clients sound genetic predictability. Our sires and dams are trained without force fetch or electric collars. Our breeding criteria

  • Tested and True Temperament
  • natural gamefinding ability
  • calm temperament
  • health/confirmation

Please email us or call (615) 604 – 6038 for puppy availability.

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MTN View Kennels offers AKC registered puppies in black.

Our Process

From the Beginning
Our puppies are well socialized starting at birth with daily human interaction. This socialization includes
• car rides
• be used to household noises
• have been exposed to different types of flooring
• have been handled by different people of all ages and preferably different races and sexes
• have had things to climb over, walk on, and play with

All puppies are developed with the goal of working as either a service or hunting dog with exceptional training. With our focus on scent work and our extensive training expertise in this area,each puppy is exposed to Scent Foundation class. We socialize all puppies as if we expect to train them. This is what makes MTN View Kennels unique. Our goal is not puppies, it is a superior working dog.

All sires’ and dams’ hips are certified, OFA. All puppies bred and sold by MTN View Kennels are conditionally guaranteed against genetic hip dysplasia and degenerative eye disease for the puppies’ first 26 months.

Puppy Selection Guidelines
For each litter, puppies will be selected in the order of which deposits are received. Deposits on puppies are recorded when received. Puppies are delivered at the kennel in East Tennessee at eight (8) weeks of age.

A deposit reserves a pup on selected litters. If we are unable to offer a pup as specified from the litters of choice, the deposit amount may be transferred to an available litter or refunded.

MTN View Kennels pups maintain AKC limited registration.

At the time of puppy selection, a two-hour puppy seminar will be conducted to start clients off with their new pups. You’ll meet the sires and dams, tour the kennel, be provided with training and health care information, and see puppy demonstrations. This session will set you up for success. Our structured approach ensures we review essential and detail specifics about your puppy. Topics include puppy socialization, training, nutrition, and problem solving. Our interest in the client does not end with the sale. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit and see MTN View Kennels firsthand and enjoy some Southern hospitality.

Puppy seminar held on puppy delivery day at MTN View Kennels.
Puppy Training Supplies and Resources Supplies at: MTN View Kennel Store

Service & Support After Sale
MTN View Kennels is known nationally for our personal, after-sale services. Our interest in our dogs/puppies and the client does not end with the sale. Our team is committed to supporting any needs or questions.