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Customer Comments & Reviews

We wouldn’t be here without our customers. We know that this is a major decision. Here are a few comments from our customers.

I have adopted 6 rescue Goldens from Adopt a Golden Nashville and have needed some help correcting some unwanted behaviors, help blending the pack and then help with obedience issues. I have worked with David Frensley with one on one sessions and learned more in an hour with him than I could have imagined. He has helped me so much over the years, I can honestly recommend his knowledge and expertise with no uncertainty. Thank you David for all you do to help all of us with our dogs.

Shawn S.

KPow was a vicious puppy Border Collie who I began to hate. We needed an intervention since I have never hated a puppy before, I called the K-9 Psychology Center. Within 2 sessions he was cured of his aggression. I had to muzzle him before I took him into public places for a few trips. 5 years later he is the most obedient and the best dog I have ever loved. I adore him now and other people like him too. Thanks David Frensley!

Linda M.

Very solid advice for our dachshund puppy, Auggie. David is friendly and very experienced working with animals. However, truth be told, the training was more for my wife and me. Consistency and patience (especially with a dox) are key. Thanks so much David!

Leonard C.

Bella has been my dog for about three weeks now and we love her a lot We have been Duck hunting about five times now and I couldn’t be happier with her. David Frensley is an awesome trainer and Bella is a great dog.

Tony F.