MTN View Kennel is known throughout the Southeast for providing an exceptional, versatile Labrador  Retriever well suited for the discerning owner seeking a companion with the temperament to both work and be the perfect companion.  Located on a lovely farm in East Tennessee with over 25 acres, MTN View Kennels sets their Labs apart from birth with training and nurturing. Owned and operated by Mr. David Frensely, MTN View Labs are bred and trained for scent work. The Team at MTN View Kennels has more than 20 years of experience training exceptional Labs for police work, service animals, and field hunting to ensure every owner is set up for success. The Team at Mountain View is fully prepared to work with each potential owner to identify and provide either foundation or advanced training as required to meet everyone’s needs. Go ahead, plan your visit to our lovely location in the mountains of Tennessee and meet your new best friend!

Service Dogs: Diabetes Alert Dogs

As service dog providers, we’ve seen first hand how diabetes can affect not only the individual but their family as well. Constant care, a lack of sleep, and unshakable fear from highs and lows are all realities a diabetes caretaker faces. Diabetic individuals themselves might have a hard time living life fully, due to to the limitations of coping with diabetes.

Through our custom-trained Diabetic Assistance Dogs (DaDS), the lives have been changed. With our service dogs, those struck by invisible illness can find independence from fear and around-the-clock care. Having a service dog as a companion promotes freedom and keeps you safe from hitting sharp highs and lows. As we know, investing in a Diabetic Alert Dog is a solid investment in your mental and physical health.

We are located in Jonesborough, Tennessee. If you are picking up your lab puppy from our farm, your lab will come with some of the most sought after breed traits and health guarantees including:

  • A Lab with a great temperament
  • Lab puppies all with AKC Registration
  • Puppies that are current on vaccinations

So many lab breeders will note that their animals have great temperaments, but we have the proof to back it up. We have had multiple puppies selected, trained, and successfully certified as service dogs. Our founder is a know behavioral expert and temperament test of each puppy at different stages of life can be found on our site. We do everything possible to ensure the absolute best fit for your new best friend.